Having some knowledge around what indicators of interest are and being able to identify and track when they happen can greatly improve your ability to establish new relationships. This blog post will outline why these are so helpful and important.

What Most People Do
The reality is that most people operate without knowledge of what an indicator of interest is. When they interact with someone, they definitely try to figure out whether the other person likes them or not but without knowledge of what a common indicator of interest looks like, sometimes they miss a mental acknowledgement when it happens.

A Real-World Example
For example, a guy may be talking to a woman for the first time. During the conversation, let’s say that the woman asks questions like what his name is and ask him questions about his job and family. These questions could all be considered indicators of interest and signals that the other person is interested in getting to know the other person and possibly has romantic interest.

Without knowing what an indicator of interest is, the man might think that the woman is just being nice and be conversational and not know that there are very positive signs going on. And without this awareness in that particular moment, the man does not know to push the conversation and relationship a little faster.

This acknowledgement might tell him that he has the green light to ask her for her phone number. Or to get a little more touchy feely. Or to ask her out on a date.

But he is not aware of when these indicators of interest are happening so he just keeps talking on a very friendly level and nothing more than that happens. Opportunity missed.

It is Like Driving a Car
Watching out for an indicator of interest is like watching your speedometer when driving a car. The speedometer tells you real-time information regarding how fast your vehicle is traveling. This information is valuable as it tells you when to speed up and when to slow down.

Could you imagine driving a vehicle without that information? You would likely drive at times too slow and at other times too fast.

Converting that to relationships, if someone doesn’t watch and track the indicators of interest, they will be typically be making decisions on gut feeling and without very valuable information. This is an example of where someone may find them moving either too fast or too slow compared to the other person in a relationship.

Either of those can cause problems and push people away. Examples of this maybe be where a girl thinks a guy likes her more than he does and she expresses a lot of feelings and it scares him a way. Or a guy doesn’t think a girl is interested so he takes it slow and ends up in “the friend zone”.

DaterPoints helps you to track indicators of interest improving your ability to manage relationships.