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helpful to be able to identify and track indicators of interest when trying to meet new people socially. Having an awareness of the indicators and when they are occurring (or not occurring) is like having gauge that tells you what to do and when. Kind of like a speedometer in a car. Imagine trying to drive a car without one. Without knowledge of how fast you are going, you might end up driving either too fast or too slow. Both of which could lead to problems. But with the speedometer, you have something to look at to determine whether it is time to speed up or time to slow down. This is similar to what using indicators of interest provide. If you can detect them when they occur, they tell you when it is time to speed up or slow down when it comes to how to best handle someone you are trying to get to know. Without either being able to identify the indicators or choosing to not pay real attention to them, you could find yourself moving either too slow and ending up in the friend zone or moving too quickly and killing the attraction that the other person might have for you. It would be like not paying attention to your speedometer and driving 60 miles an hour through a school zone (too aggressive killing attraction), or driving 20 miles an hour on a freeway (moving too slow ending up in the friend zone). Being able to be aware of indicators of interest can not only help you understand what other people are thinking and doing, but it can also help you to identify and control what you are doing. In the early stages of a relationships and in social situations, it can help to meter and calibrate the level of interest that you show. Knowledge in this area will help you to tweak

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your behavior so that you show just the right amount of interest. DaterPoints helps you to track indicators of interest to improve your ability to manage relationships.