Believe it or not, you can get a really good idea around does he like me by looking at the text messages that you exchange with a guy that you are interested in. Does he send you messages out of the blue? When he sends you a text out of the blue to start of conversation or interact with you, this is a very good clue that he likes you.

Guys typically will not do this for someone when they are not interested. This by itself is almost a good enough sign to be confident that he likes you. But there are some other clues to look at to make sure that he does not just see you as a friend and sending you a text to have friendly interaction.

Does he respond quickly? You can look at how quickly or slow someone responds to your text messages to figure out if they like you. Do they reply quickly or

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are they very slow to respond when you send them a message? A quicker response means they are more engaged in your conversation. They are interested in interacting with you and this could be tied to their interest in you and can help you to figure out does he like me.

Does he flirt with you? Can you tell if he is trying to flirt with you in the text? Guys can often be bad at flirting so he may be trying to flirt but it is not obvious to you. If you are not sure, the next couple of questions will help you. Does he use emoticons? Try to notice when he uses emoticons.

Most guys will be more reserved than women when it comes to using emoticons. As result, when they use them, they could be trying to flirt with you and this could answer does he like me. Does he make a dirty joke? Guys can often try to flirt by making a dirty joke. This is a good clue that he likes you as guys will not usually try to joke in this way with girls that they are not interested in. Does he ask you what you are doing?

A guy may often ask you what you are doing tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend. When they do this, it may sound like an friendly question, but it is a very good clue for does he like me. The reason why is that this is a very soft way for them to ask you out. It might not sound like it, but they are wanting to know what you are doing because they would like to see you. They are either fishing for an invite to go where you are going or they are looking for an opportunity to invite you to where they are going. Or looking for an opening to directly ask you out on a date.

Daterpoints helps you to track these clues to identify does he like me.