One indicator to figure out does he like me when interested in a complete stranger is if they are giving you eye contact. Here are some things for you to think about regarding eye contact.

Confirmed Eye Contact
When exchanging eye contact, are you able to confirm that they are looking at you. This is important for trying to figure out does he like me.

Are you able to be almost confident that they are looking at you or could there be a chance that there is a TV on right behind you and they are watching a football game? Of course you never really know but you can try to look at your surroundings and the number of times that they look at you to get to a strong probability that you are indeed getting eye contact from someone.

Eye Contact Means Interest
One thing that differs for eye contact from a man compared to eye contact from a woman is that guys look at woman that they are attracted to. If he is looking at you, he is interested in you.

This is different from a woman in that a man may catch her attention in a way that draws her eye contact, but she may have little attraction or physical interest.

In other words, if you can feel good about confirming that you are getting eye contact, you can feel confident when wondering does he like me.

Eye Contact Duration
The next thing to factor in when using eye contact to identify does he like me is the duration of the eye contact. How long did it last?

Do you and he connect eyes for a couple of seconds or is it longer than 3 seconds? 3 seconds might not sound like a long time but if you lock eyes with another person and both parties hold that for 3 seconds or more, that is a fairly long time and could be a confirmation of interest.

Repetitive Eye Contact
How many times are you exchanging eye contact? Is it just once or is there a pattern with the two of you locking eyes on multiple occasions?

This is actually one of the stronger indicators to look for as if it just happens once, you might not know if you are able to confirm the eye contact. But when you lock eyes for say three times or more, you can have a pretty good feeling that she is looking at you and that she is not looking at you as a stranger that she has zero interest in.

Curveball – The “Look Away”
One tricky thing about eye contact that sometimes you make eye contact and the other person will look away. And then you think he must not like me.

But don’t be so quick to think this. Sometimes it can be intimidating to make eye contact with someone that you are very interested in and this feeling makes someone look away. In other words, they can look away quickly if they don’t like you, but also do the same thing if they do.

Confusing right? The key here is to just keep that in mind when they look away quickly as it could actually be positive and then be on the lookout for a second instance of eye contact.

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