Texting is one of the main ways that we communicate today when meeting new people. With that being the case, whether or not you are good at communicating over text can impact whether or not you are successful at establishing new relationships. Here are some quick texting rules to consider: Send your first text as soon as possible. Right when you get the number if you can. Forget the waiting a day or two. You want to get a text over to the other person as soon as possible. Even right after you get their number if you can. But if not right then, a few hours later or the next day at the absolute latest. The first main goal of this text is to establish your number in their phone with their memory of you. The last thing you want is to have a good interaction but they have no idea who you are when theyyou’re your text because of time passing and maybe them having multiple conversations. This is why sending a text right when you get the number and including something about the moment in the text or you’re your name can help. Always try to be fun. Hopefully you were being fun when you go their number. Don’t lose that vibe by being very serious in the text. Try to keep the fun

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going and you may be able to do this by referencing any of the jokes or discussion threads that have happened in the past. Match their level of responsiveness. In the world of dating, it is important to meter the level of interest that you communicate to the other person. You don’t want to communicate too much interest or too little interest as doing either of those has the potential to push the other person away. When taking this into consideration while texting, it can help to match timing of your responses and how often you text. Try to be funny if you can. This may be easier said than done but one it can be very helpful to be funny in your texts when meeting new people. This is based on the fact that when meeting new people, humor will fuel the momentum and seriousness can slow things down. Transition from messages that simply ask how the other person is doing to inside jokes and meaningless banter. Minimize the length of your texts when possible. Try to avoid sending real lengthy texts. Logic here is that, if you are trying to meter the amount of interest you are showing and present yourself person of high value, you are better positioned if you send messages that are more brief than verbose. A person that has a lot going on and very busy sends short texts as they don’t have time to craft real lengthy text messages when they are meeting new people. And if you really have something detailed to explain or say, call the person. That is also a characteristic of a person of high value as they will pick up the phone to discuss before spending energy typing something long out in a text message. Avoid getting too deep. If we are trying to be fun in texts, then we definitely want to avoid getting too deep in a text exchange. This refers to sending essages about your thoughts, feelings, or issues. There are many reasons not to do this when meeting new people but two points are that your message can be misread and a person of high value will call the other person to talk about something serious and trying to do this over text could actually be seen as a sign of weakness. Be conscious of your use of emoticons. Be careful how much you use emoticons as they can be indicators of interest and you might want to meter how much of that you display. Depending on the situation, you may want to not try to include too many emoticons if you are not getting a lot from the other person or you may want to try use more if you want to reassure the person that you are on the same page with them in terms of interest. Google