There are very clear indicators of interest to look for when texting someone. If you look for some of these or become more aware of them, you will get a better idea where you stand.

Although, it is important to point out that these are not confirmations of interest. More so, these are clues to help you figure out what is going on.

They send you a text message.
If there is someone that your are interested in on a romantic level and they send you a conversational text without you any prompting, this is clearly an indicator of interest. We say “conversational text” to try eliminate logistical texts here where the other person may ask how to get somewhere or what time something starts.

But to initiate a conversation out of the blue is extremely positive. It takes some level of energy to stop what you are doing and send a text. And if someone stopped to do this for you, this means that they were thinking about you on some level and this needs to be factored in under indicators of interest.

They respond to text messages very quickly.
Another thing to look at for indicators of interest is how quickly are they responding to your text. Are they insta-responding (responding right away), within a relatively short amount of time, or does it take hours?

This well clearly provide clues as to their interest level. This is also a good time to look for indicators of disinterest as if the person is consistently very slow to respond, this can tell you a couple of things are going on.

First, you might not be at the top of their mind because they might have seen your text and planned on replying but forgot and never remember to get to it – because you are not floating around in their head (low interest). Or they don’t enjoy or look forward to interacting with you and are delaying that event and replying out of obligation.

They include emoticons, LOL’s, or exclamation points in their messages.
There are very clear things to notice in the other person’s message when looking for indicators of interest. Do they include any type of emoticons regularly? These are a good sign as they are playful, which is good.

You can also look for LOL’s or anything that is equivalent like “haha”. This means they are having fun in the exchange which is a positive sign. Exclamation points being used in their responses are not huge but they are a good subtle clue to notice.

They can indicate that the other person is engaged in the text exchange and wanting to communicate with you how passionate they feel about what they are trying to say.

They include questions to keep the conversation going.
One of key indicator of interest to look for is whether or not they include any type of questions in their messages. By them including a question, they could be trying to do their part to instigate a response from your side.

If that is what they are in fact doing, this communicates that they want the text exchange to continue which is a very clear sign of interest.

Their responses are more than just a couple of words.
Are their text responses always short and just a few words or are they more lengthy? You can clearly look at the average length of their message get a feeling about their indicators of interest. Composing a text takes time and that is an investment. Are they investing in the interaction? The answer to that is a clue to how interested they are. They send pictures of any type. We live in a world of selfies and memes. Do they send any of those to you? If they do, they are probably interested.  

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