Social media is a big way that we communicate with each other and there are very clear indicators of interest to look for there.

They send you a friend request
No doubt about it, if you meet someone and they proactively look you up on social media and send you a friend request, this is a clear indicator of interest. Of course there are friend requests that you may get from people that are not interested in anything other than friends but we are considering this for contacts that have romantic potential.

They accept your friend request
This is not really a great indicator of interest as we often accept invitations to connect from people we barely know and also have zero interest in. Although, if your friend request is not accepted, that is a very good clue in the other direction as it is an indicator of disinterest.

They like one of your posts or pictures
It is helpful to watch the pattern of likes that the contact does when tracking indicators of interest. We of course will like something from someone that we have zero romantic interest in but it can be a good clue that there is interest when there is a pattern of frequent liking from the contact.

They comment on your posts, wall, or pictures
Comments are similar to likes but they are a little stronger of clue. The reason why is that it take slightly more energy to make a comment then to just click a like button. Again, you are not looking for one comment, but more so looking for a pattern with multiple comments.

They are playful in their comments
You can go one step further when looking for indicators of interest with comments and look at what they say in their comment. Are they trying to be playful or flirty? Look for things like emoticons, LOLs or Haha, or exclamation points can be good clues.

They tag you in a photo or status
This one is a very strong indicator of interest and that is that they either tag you in a status update or a picture. Not only is this a strong way to interact directly with you, but this is a very large broadcast to others that they are interacting with you. What this could mean is, not only do they have interest, but they are proud to be interacting with you and want to communicate that to others.

They send you a private message
Proactively reaching out to you directly in a private message is one of the very strong indicators of interest. If you are getting other clues, there is often no other way to take this one than they are very interested in you.

They respond positively to your private message
In some scenarios, you will send them a private message and there are some things to look for when this happens. Did they respond quickly or were the consistently slow? Were they playful? Did they ask you questions to keep the conversation going?
Daterpoints will help you to track all of these indicators of interest.