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we would all love to know when interacting with someone socially is how interested they are in you. You never really know this unless you come out and have conversation about feelings and levels of interest. But who wants to have that, right? Talk about a mood killer. It is more intriguing and attractive to the other person when you are able to pick up on the interest cues that they are sending out. But that can often be trickier than one would think and this leads to us not knowing when someone is interested or thinking someone is more interested than we thought. Either of those scenarios lead to a less than desirable outcome. One way to improve in this area is to be able to identify and look for Indicators of interest. These are ubtle clues that someone gives to you that they are interested in you. They could be a simple as a smile, eye contact, a question, etc. Below is a list of things that if they happen with someone that you are interacting with, you should consider it to possibly be an indicator of interest.

  • Eye contact
  • Smile
  • Someone asks your name while in a conversation
  • Someone is asking you a lot of questions in a conversation
  • Someone slightly touches you in a conversation
  • Someone you don’t know randomly starts a conversation with you
  • Someone is very responsive to your calls and messages
  • Someone gives you a compliment
  • Someone gives you very positive body language
  • Someone asks you to go do something
  • Someone buys you something

Those are just a few examples and there are plenty more. But it is important to be aware that these indicators of interest are more indicators of potential interest. One by itself is not a confirmation so the but the more you observe, the closer you get to being confident that the other person is interested. The first step is to have an idea of what little actions could be classified as an indicator of interest. From there, it is helpful to be aware of them when they occur and try to keep a mental tally until you recognize that a few have happened. Once you see a pattern, you can then have a good idea that the other person has a level of interest in you and this can give

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you more confidence with how the other person feels about you. Google