How to know if someone likes you is a skill that can really come in handy when dating or establishing new relationships. In this blog post we will outline some ways that you can improve your ability to develop this skill.

Just ask them?
Just about everybody knows that you could ask the other person if they are interested but this is not a good option at all and let’s quickly outline why to get that out of the way.

First, when dating someone, there is a bit of cat and mouse game. This is where we are don’t really know what the other person is doing and thinking and this creates intrigue and curiosity. It is this curiosity that fuels attraction.

When you ask someone directly if they like you, you decrease this this intrigue and curiosity for both parties. You kind of take the mystery out of how to know if someone likes you and this is not a deal breaker, but it can be a little of a mood killer. It can also put someone on the spot in terms of having to make a decision about their level of interest and what they want.

And when you first start dating or talking to someone, they might have legitimate interest but not know the answers to those questions. So don’t ask them.

Watch for Indicators of Interest
The other way to figure out how to know if someone likes you is to watch and track the indicators of interest. These are the actions that the other person does (or doesn’t do) and these can be a signal or clue that they are interested.

Examples of indicators of interest could be that they ask you questions to keep the conversation going, they touch you as they talk with you, or maybe they are very responsive and playful with you on text messages or social media.

Track the Indicators of Interest
One important thing with indicators of interest when it comes to how to know if someone likes you is that one indicator of interest by itself does not mean a lot. It could be interest or it could mean nothing and the other person likes you only as a friend. So how do we know if they like us only as a friend or as more? The answer to that is in the pattern of indicators of interest.

This is why it is helpful to not only be aware when an indicator of interest happens, but to also try to keep track of them as it is the pattern that can tell you the story. An indicator of interest only every once and a while and very spread out might make their level of interest questionable and maybe it is just a friendly relationship. But if signals are consistently going off, then you can feel confident about assuming there is some level of interest.


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