We have all been there wondering how to know if she likes you. In this post, we will provide some tips for how to improve your ability to figure that out.

Can’t Ask Her if She Likes You
As you probably know, it is not really an option to come out and directly ask her if she likes. This is not good for a few reasons.

First, if you ask her if she likes you, you are basically communicating that you like her. And depending on where you are in the relationship, you may not want to communicate that much interest and put your cards out on the table just yet.

Another reason why this is not a good option for how to know if she likes you is that it can put her on the spot and that could create potential to make things uncomfortable and weird. Which is the last thing you want to do early in a relationship.

And the last reason you do not want to just ask the girl if she likes you is that she might not know the answer to that question. A woman’s feeling can fluctuate from moment to moment and she might have very positive feelings to you but if she had to put a label on how she feels, she might not be real sure and she could be forced by the question to put you in a friendly category instead of a romantic category due to not being fully confident.

Look for Indicators of Interest
A better way to go with
how to know if she likes you is to simply keep an eye out for indicators of interest. These are actions that she does that signal potential interest.

Examples of indicators of interest are that she smiles when she sees you or talks to you, she is touchy feely during a conversation, or she might be very responsive and playful on text or social media.

Track the Indicators of Interest
When one of those type of actions occurs, this is a sign that she might like you. Although, a very important thing here to keep in mind is that one indicator of interest alone does not mean a whole lot. It is a pattern of indicators of interest that begin to tell a story and are the key to
how to know if she likes you.