When you have a text exchange with a woman, there are very good clues that can help you to figure out does she like me. Here are some very simple things to watch out for.

She sends the first message
An obvious indicator of interest to look out for is that she sends you the first message during a text exchange. The only real thing to notice is whether she is sending you a logistical text (what time is the deal, where are we meeting, etc.) or is she sending you a conversational text that has no other purpose than to simply interact with you. If it is the latter, this is very good sign to help answer does she like me.

Response time
Next thing to consider is how quick or slow she responds during the text exchange. Is she very quick to respond or does it take a while on average?

The answer here provides very good clues because if she responds right away, she is very engaged and enjoying your interaction. And if she is very slow to respond all the time, this is fairly negative and could sometimes be considered an indicator of disinterest.

Of course with this factor, you will need to look at the overall pattern and not just one or two messages. Sometimes people are at work or have legitimate reasons for be slow to respond.

She includes questions in her messages
One thing to notice is whether she includes questions for you in her text messages. If she does, this is very positive for does she like me as every question she asks instigates a response back from you.

When she does this, this is essentially her saying that she wants you to reply back to her and that she wants this text exchange to keep going and this is very positive.

How much she writes
Try to be aware of how long her texts messages are in terms of words or sentences. Are her messages just a word or two or does she write out more? If she is just sending a word or two in each response, this is not good when trying to figure out does she like me.

This is a sign that she is not engaged, possibly not enjoying or excited about texting back and forth with you. She uses emoticons Emoticons are a positive sign but should not be given too much weight. People in general can use emoticons fairly frivolously so they might not mean too much but they could be an attempt by her to be cute and flirty.

You may want to notice when she uses them and then factor in other clues you are getting from her. She sends you pictures A very positive clue for does she like me is that she sends you pictures. Most of the time this will involve pictures of her and that is a great sign that she wants you to see her and this is very flirty. But even if she is sending you a funny picture of something other than her, it is a good sign that she is engaged and wants to interact with you.


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