To truly know does he like me can be difficult but there are different places to look for clues. And in today’s world, Facebook is one of those places.

Did he send you a friend request?
The first place to start is to notice when he sends you a friend request. We can certainly send friend requests to people that we have no interest in, like family members or friends.

But it could be a clue that he has some level of interest if he proactively invites you to be friends.

Does he “like” any of your posts?
One thing to look for when trying to figure out does he like me is to track when he “likes” anything that you post. This is a decent clue that he likes you. The thing to look for is a pattern.

Does he just “like” something every now and then or is it fairly frequent?
Look at the frequency of the “likes” to tell you whether or not this is a clue that he likes you. More frequent – he might like you. Less frequent but happening – might like you as a friend.

Does he “like” any of your pictures?
Taking the “like” tracking to the next level, watch for when he “likes” pictures of yours. This can be a slightly stronger clue as a picture typically has you in it (does not always but most of the time).

When he “likes” a picture that you are in, this is a very good clue for does he like me as there is a very good chance that he is saying that you look good or that he likes how you look in the picture.

Does he comment on your posts or page?
Comments are similar to “likes” in that they could be a very good clue that he likes you. Comments are actually a little stronger of a clue as it takes more thought and time to make a comment than a “like”.

Someone can “like” a lot of posts and pictures very quickly without much time and thought. You cannot do the same with comments and you can factor this in when trying to measure interest levels.

Is he playful in his comments?
You can take the comment tracking to next level and look at what is said in the comment.

Is he being playful?
Look for things like emoticons, LOL or Haha, and exclamation points to see if he is trying to flirt with you. Does he tag you in a post or a picture? It is a very good clue for does he like me if he tags in in a post or picture.

This is strong because not only is he interacting directly with you on Facebook, but when he does this, he is broadcasting to everybody that he is interacting with you or that you are part of his life.

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