It can sometimes feel impossible to find your way into new relationships. Here are some tips that are practical to implement to help with this: 1. Increasing your knowledge There is always room to learn more about dealing with others. And just learning more about what small changes you can make can improve the way you interact with others. Attraction One way to view attraction is that it is

like curiosity. When one has attraction, they are curious about another person and want to learn and experience more. You could say that attraction just naturally happens. And it does. But there are a lot of subtle things that trigger it and also decrease it. By simply learning these triggers, you can have more control over the level of attraction that you create. Rapport Another area to focus attention is the area of rapport. You can create all the attraction you want, but if you can’t establish a connection, establish a level of comfort, and establish trust, new relationships will not go anywhere. There is a tremendous amount of information available on these subjects that can be accessed to help someone get their knowledge to the next level. From information on the internet, to books and videos, to seminars and coaches, there are all different types of options. 2. Improving yourself on the inside and out Improving yourself on the inside refers to an effort to become wiser and stronger mentally. Some examples of activities that can help with this are taking classes, reading, getting hobbies, etc. These activities can help make someone more intelligent, more stable, more interesting, and more confident. These are qualities that can drive interest, respect, and attraction from others. Improving yourself on the outside involves placing an effort on optimizing your physical appearance. This can be accomplished by putting attention in the areas of grooming, fashion, and physical fitness. By looking good, you will feel good. If you feel good, you will be happier and more confident and will be more attractive to others. 3. Increasing activity The more exposure you get to new people, the more likely you are to have success with finding and establishing new relationships. The best way to get exposed to new people is to stay active in a variety of ways. Examples of ways to stay active are getting out with family and friends, attending social functions, joining professional and social organizations, and volunteering. Effort in this area will provide opportunities to meet new people, help to sharpen and improve your social skills, and will make you a busier and more interesting person. Google