When socially interacting with other people, everything they do (and don’t do) can be a clue as to how interested they are in you. When they walk over and talk to you, smile while you talk to them, or ask for your number, they are sending signals that they are interested in you.

This also works in the other direction. If someone is slow to respond to your messages, does not ask you questions to keep the conversation going, or is never available when you ask them to get together, there are signals being sent that say they might not be as interested as you or on the same page.

Each of these events and details is a clue, or more accurately a data point. One data point by itself means nothing. But when you are able observe multiple data points, you can begin to build a picture of what exactly is going on. And this is exactly what DaterPoints does.

DaterPoints allows you to create a contact for someone that you talking to. From there, you can easily log events and interactions by answering a few questions.

Some questions in an in-person conversation:

Questions 1


Some questions when exchanging text messages:

Questions 2

 Once you answer some of the questions, DaterPoints then estimates the other person’s level of interest and tracks the progression on a daily basis.



When you are able to have more clarity around what is going on on the other person’s side, you can greatly improve your decision making in terms of what to do and how to respond in different situations. This can greatly improve your ability to establish and develop stronger and longer relationships.