Indicators of interest are small clues that someone might have interest in you. The can be very subtle so knowing what an indicator of interest looks like can certainly help you with identifying when they happen. Let’s break down some examples:

In-Person Interactions
When interacting with someone in person, there are many small clues to look for ranging from eye-contact, to touching, to general engagement.

  • They make repetitive eye-contact with you before ever speaking to one another
  • They find a way or reason to start a conversation with you
  • They repetitively touch you in minor ways during a conversation
  • They ask you questions to learn more about you and to keep the conversation going
  • They make statements that appear to be designed to try to impress you
  • They ask you what your name is
  • They ask you if you are in a relationship
  • They ask you to go out or get back together
  • They ask you for your phone number

Social Media
Social media is a big part of how we communicate today and there are many indicators of interest that can occur there as well.

  • They send you a friend request
  • They accept your friend request
  • They like one of your pictures, status updates, or comments
  • They tag you in a status or picture
  • They send you a private message

Text Exchange
There are tons of indicators of interest that can be detected in a text exchange.

  • They send you a text message
  • They respond to text messages very quickly
  • They include emoticons, LOL’s, or exclamation points in their messages
  • They include questions to keep the conversation going
  • Their responses are more than just a couple of words
  • They send pictures of any type

Phone Conversation
Over the phone is becoming one of the more rare ways that we communicate but there are still some indicators of interest that can be observed.

  • They call you
  • They answer your call
  • They seem happy to talk with you
  • They return your call
  • They leave you a voicemail
  • They ask you questions to keep the conversation going
  • They don’t seem interested in ending the conversation
  • They end a call with someone else to take yours
  • They ignore other calls for yours

Meet Up
When you meet up with someone or go on a date, there are some clear things that could be an indicator of interest.

  • They are on time
  • They appear to have dressed in a way to impress you
  • They pick you up
  • They greet you with a hug
  • They pay for you
  • They invite you back to their place
  • They agree to go back to your place
  • They attempt to kiss you
  • They kiss you back if you kiss them
  • There is some level of intimacy
  • They invite you to stay the night
  • They stay the night
  • They contact you the next day
  • They ask you to get together again

Those are some examples of what could be considered an indicator of interest. It is important to note that these are just clues and one alone might not mean anything. And one of these could certainly happen with a friend or family member and in that will not be considered an indicator of interest.


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