Every man at some point might ask the question “Does she like me?” And while it may be tough to get a definitive answer of yes or no to that question, there are some things you can do to get a good idea of where you stand.

What You Don’t Want to Do
When trying to figure out does she like me, you don’t want to come out and ask her directly what her level of interest is. This is for a couple of reasons. First, by asking this, you will be displaying a lot of interest on your side. Which is OK, but if she is not interested to the same degree, this could push her away.

Another reason that you don’t want to just come out and ask her is that she might not really know yet how she feels. A woman’s feelings can ebb and flow from one moment to the next. This is not a bad thing, women are just very emotional and the feelings they have can change based on their current emotional state. This means that the answer you would get to your question could be different depending on when you ask it.

Watch for Indicators of Interest
Instead of asking a question to answer does she like me, watch for indicators of interest. These are clues that will tell you where you stand.

For example, when you first meet her, if she asks you if you have a girlfriend, this is a very good indicator that she has interest in you. Although, it is not a confirmation of interest as she might just be trying to make conversation and being friendly. But it is a clue that there is a possibility that there might be interest.

You then need to watch for other indicators of interest to improve your assumption on does she like me. If in this conversation, she touches you on the arm while talking to you, this is also an indicator of interest and this then reinforces the first indicator and now you should have the confidence to ask for her number or get a little more aggressive.

Tracking Indicators of Interest
When you are dating or trying to pursue a woman, you can continue to track indicators of interest to maintain an understanding of where you are and how much interest she has in you.

For example, how responsive is she on text messages? Does she respond right away or is she always very slow to respond and sometimes does not respond at all? Is she playful and engaging in her messages or short and does not ask you questions back to keep the conversation going?

The answers to all of these questions, and similar questions regarding your dates, social media, and phone conversations, will provide clues as to how interested she is in you. One clue by itself will not mean a whole lot. But the pattern will paint the picture and tell the story on where you stand and how much interest she has in you.


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